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Earn money from open source. Get Moonlight.

Moonlight allows you to earn money from your open source projects.

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How does Moonlight work?

1. Install Moonlight to your repository.

2. When people install your code, they will be shown an ad.

3. You will get paid every time someone installs your code.

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Our values

Developers first

We will always put the developers that make up the open source community first. All developer feedback will be seriously considered.

Everything goes to developers

One hundred percent of all ad profits go to developers, and it will stay that way.

Prioritize open source

We will never stop working, to improve open source, and help the developers that make up the community.

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Getting started

Getting started is as easy as adding a couple of lines of code to your project. Start by picking your package manager.

After configuring Moonlight, you can check the performance of your repository in the Moonlight dashboard.


After configuring Moonlight, you can log in to the Moonlight dashboard, where you can inspect your earnings, impressions, and more. As the owner of the repository, it is up to you to use the money in the best way you see fit. Rewarding active package maintainers is encouraged.

Any questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us.